As children of the depression, the McCaulley brothers' motivation was to work hard and use their talents to provide for their families. Each brother brought valuable qualities to the business. Rowan, "Roll", for which the store was named, was knowledgeable in food service and production, and very skilled with a knife. Lloyd was genuine, charming, customer-service oriented, and gifted in the area of sales. Frank, was honest, disciplined, dedicated, and excellent at buying and bookkeeping. This made a combination of abilities that would become the beginning of an establishment that would serve the community and support many families financially through the decades.

Sadly, Frank's two brothers, Rowan and Lloyd, died at young ages, within years of each other, unexpectedly. This left Frank with the sole responsibility of maintaining a thriving business. This was not done alone. Soon, Frank's sister, Leone McCaulley, would join the Roll's Meats' team. She was extremely helpful in every way. She managed the team of sales clerks and made sure the customers were being cared for, and the products were of high standard. With Leone's help, you could rest assured that the store was organized, clean, and the coffee pot was full of fresh, hot coffee.

Over the years, dozens of hard-working and skilled people contributed to sustaining the family-owned and operated business continuing its success as it became one of Blair county's leading retailers in fresh local meats, producing outstanding products and service to families throughout the region.

Frank McCaulley worked everyday, vigilantly, with great care and concern for his famiy, until 2003 when cancer claimed him at the age of 83.

Frank's son, Grant, after being guided and trained since the young age of fourteen in the field of food-handling and customer service, would assume ownership of Roll's Meats and responsbilities for the family business. This opportunity was a welcomed privilege to continue the contribution to the families and community that had come to rely on and respect the business' services.


Today, the Roll's Meat Market family, embraces and cherishes the lessons of the past that made our famililies close and the business successful. Those standards held close are a dedication to their hard work, fresh and trustworthy products, and their attention to customer's wants and needs. These values are the foundation of our business.

Though much time has passed since the first customer walk through the door and placed and the first order so many years ago... Roll's Meat Market continues to maintain and serve only high-quality, fresh and healthy products which help to keep today's families, your family, strong.

Roll's Meat Market proudly carries this, our heritage and legacy, left to us by the loved ones of our past.

We were your grandmother's local butcher shop. She loved us. You will too!

Roll's Meats was established in 1947 by three McCaulley brothers of Bellwood, Pennsylvania. Rowan, Lloyd, and Frank McCaulley, began their butcher shop and delivery service with two hundred dollars and the support and advice of several local business men who wanted to give them a "hand up" in the community.

PROUDLY SERVING Altoona, PA Since 1947