Country Sausage -- loose sausage savory and mild, great for patties, breakfast, or sausage and biscuit gravy

Autumn Apple -- stuffed country sausage with delicately sweet pieces of baked apple, great on the grill with barbeque sauce, baked in Sauerkraut, or for Sunday Breakfast.

Hawaiian Pineapple -- stuffed rope sausage savory and slightly smokey, combined with tidbits of sweet pineapple. Best on the grill served with a Sweet Hawaiian bun or a side of veggie kabobs and rice.

Hawaiian Heat--- stuffed rope sausage savory and slightly smokey with a little heat, combined with tidbits of sweet pineapple. Best on the grill served with a Sweet Hawaiian bun or a side of veggie kabobs and rice.

Bacon Cheddar Brat-- mildly seasoned Germany sausage with the addition of grated Cheddar and crispy bacon

Sweet Italian -- an original favorite...loose or stuffed sausage gently seasoned ...just right in sauce with spaghetti.

Sicilian Chicken Asiago -- stuffed sausage made with lower fat Purdue skinless chicken, complimented with fresh basil, tomato, and creamy Asiago cheese. No pork products involved.

Spicy Italian Sausage-- spicy stuffed Italian sausage hand mixed with crushed red peppers. The total package.

Homebrew Habenero xxx Hot -- ALTOONA 's HOTTEST SAUSAGE! Made with fresh Habenero peppers and Howie's homemade sauce that is too hot for the mainstream public! So good it will bring tears to your eyes!

Country Store Kielbassi -- the areas best smoked polish sausage lean, tender, and just like grand pa used to make. Try this on the grill, in sauerkraut, spaghetti sauce or for a chilled summertime fishing snack.

Philly Cheese Steak -- all beef sausage seasoned with steak seasonings and cheddar cheese.

Taco Sausage-- Just like a taco with alot of cheese 

Loose Blueberry-- One of Roll's Favorites, Stuffed with blueberries with a hint of maple 

Loose Honey Maple- Fresh Handmade pork Sausage with a touch of raw honey perfect balanced sweet and savory flavor  

Apple Kielbassi---Sweet and savory smoked kielbasa with bits of Fuji Apples 

Jalapeno Popper Kielbasa 

Buffalo Ranch- Butcher Favorite! Mild buffalo spiced sausage with a hint of ranch 

Chili Cheese Weiners- 

All of our sausages are hand-crank stuffed with our Grandfather
Frank's Antique stuffer and carefully combined with our own seasoning
recipes and fresh ingredients. Every batch is taste test approved
every time. Average servings of sausage per pound are at least 3
servings regardless of link, rope or loose style.

Roll's Meat Market specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind and hard-to-find items.

We invite you to experience our delicious speciality sausages! These unique recipes are made from only the freshest, premium pork and savory seasonings in small, controlled batches, unlike any other.

Current selections include:

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